Live. Die. Sample Pack


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All 5 Live. Die. scents:  SugarwitchDeathtrap - Black Amber No. 2 - The Captain’s Eye - 1965

Too fast to live, too young to die. Warriors come out to play and lascivious woman demand their desires met. The most primal of desires in liquid form.

1 ml sample bottles

Packaging all handmade and subject to change - Ol' Rudy likes to make cool shit.


Please note: order processing time is 7 to 10 business days - all Carnival Wax products are made to order and hand poured by the Perfume Witch herself.

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Live. Die. Sample Pack
Written by Janet Copeland on 23rd Apr 2021

I really like that you can buy the sample sizes (they are pricey) to try out the fragrances my favorite is Black Amber 2 (5star)... the other fragrances were nice as well.. I just really like a spicy scent... If there would have been a smaller size option for the main fragrance that I wanted (Black Amber 2) I would have bought the smaller size rather than buy the sample pack. Each little sample lasts maybe five wearings?? As they are samples... I wish there was an option where we could buy a quarter of the fragrance or a half of the fragrance so that I could have a small size to carry with me in my purse I don't like the sample vials they're hard to operate and sometimes you lose some of the fragrance when you open it...

Black Amber 2 is DIVINE
Written by Janet Copeland on 23rd Apr 2021

I can not say enough about this sexy and sensual scent! It's rich, spicy, seductive, sensual ...SO GOOD!

I want them all!
Written by Naomi on 14th Mar 2021

These oils are very unique, so much craftsmanship goes into putting the package together. The presentation of the oils is like a valuable piece of art. These oils are definitely some of the best that I have ever bought, One of a kind scents. I want to own all of them! Thank you so much.

Written by Misty Jones on 4th Jun 2020

I love them all.. Black Amber is prob my fav out of these!! Such unique scents and exactly what I've been searching for.. Thank you!!