Sugarwitch Perfume Oil

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Top notes of Juicy Lemons and Tangerines followed by Sweet Sugary Cookies finished with a Sexy Woodsy bottom. Wear this to bewitch a new boyfriend!!!!!

Glass roll on bottle in a magical lookin' pouch.
Packaging all handmade and subject to change - Ol' Rudy likes to make cool shit.

Sinfully sweet and the bewitching smell of things too good to eat and too forbidden not to taste. The spell that surrounds you as you walk into a room
Clinging to your skin and encircling you like a lace shall twirling about you as you dance to an unheard band. The scent of deep dark forests linger in the background reminding and warning others that you dwell in a sugar coated tower full of magic and forbidden sweetness.


Please note: order processing time is 7 to 10 business days - all Carnival Wax products are made to order and hand poured by the Perfume Witch herself.

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Thank you Agatha
Written by Richard Matthews on 12th Dec 2021

Thank you Agatha, As you know this was a replacement for the fragrance that my beautiful girlfriend loves. I feel that the sense of smell is so strong with memory and SugarWitch invokes the strongest and fondest memories. :-)

Written by Karena on 22nd Apr 2019

Sugarwitch is freaking awesome! I smell like candy, cupcakes and fresh sugar cookies all the time!

I love this stuff...
Written by Deona on 27th Feb 2019

My daughter stole it from me and wore it as her signature scent for awhile...then she got married and I realized...there is an upside-I can get my Sugarwitch back. It is a very sweet scent but it's delightful.

blue violet heaven
Written by Jeri Bovell on 11th Aug 2018

This blend transports me. Everytime I wear it I feel guarded. So grateful to have a new bottle. Wish it were available regularly.

Seductively Sweet
Written by Irene Vernadakis on 28th Aug 2017

Sugwarwitch perfume oil is memorable for its seductively sweet, long-lasting fragrance. It's not cloying, and has a citrus and tangerine note, which gives it a kick. Get used to people asking what you're wearing. This is a unique, unforgettable fragrance. Well worth the purchase!

Sugarwitchy Woman
Written by Rebecca Gilchrist on 28th Jan 2014

Soft sweet smell…reminds me of some type of caramel/kettle popcorn. It is not overpowering. My only complaint is that when I put it on, it had a burning sensation like Teaflower. I do not know if these 2 fragrances have the same ingredients but initially, it burns the skin and after say 5 minutes, it goes away. And I want to clarify that statement…I mean burn like when you put on muscle-ache creams…This could totally be just MY response to these items. But I do like Sugarwitch. I would endure a little burning sensation to smell this good! Also, I got this for my sister for Christmas. She loves it!

SUNsual sweetness
Written by Rebecca G. on 28th Jan 2014

A light sweet smell, not over powering like Clowncake or even Sugarwitch. This light sweet smell reminds me of the outdoors…or really, if sun rays could emit smells, this is what it would be. Definitely a sweet and clean smell.

unisex warm and sweet
Written by chris w. on 21st Nov 2013

Warm and desert sweet style with a bit of citrus. Unisex rock n' roll fragrance.

Written by undefined on 3rd Oct 2012

Sweet. Sensual. Sugary. People can't stop asking me what I'm wearing. Positively bewitching!

Written by H.D. on 28th Jul 2012

This stuff is like nothing else I've ever smelled. It is so delicious, that it's it's almost bothersome. It's actually distracting, and seductive to the wearer, let alone anyone smelling them. It is also one of the longest lasting scents I've ever been exposed to, but in a totally natural way, no chemical scent and no "fake" scents to it at all. Basically if you fell into a display case at a french patisserie, rolled around, then walked through a warm, sunny orange grove, this is how you'd smell.

Sugarwitch: Great if you love sweet scents!
Written by Dori on 5th Jun 2012

What I love most about Sugarwitch is the diverse (but all positive) reactions to the scent. People tend to associate it with a scent they find comforting and have compared it to "Hatian rice pudding" "cake" and "lemon tarts"and I have even heard it described somewhere as "icing smeared all over a sexy biker's leather jacket" ..If you like very sweet smells I recommend this, if not I recommend Death Trap!

Written by Jen on 5th Apr 2012

My boyfriend rolled over in bed on a Sunday morning, pressed his nose to my clavicle and said, "MMMMMMMM." Enough said.

What are you wearing?
Written by Kim on 18th Nov 2010

You can't wear this and not have people begging to know what you're wearing! Not as boozy as Clowncake but no less intoxicating! A favorite with the men for sure!

Written by undefined on 28th May 2010

have I ever had such an amazing response to any fragrance ... it's like buttery sugar cookies with a hint of citrus cooking over the open flame of a Gypsy magicians caravan ... AMAZING and WONDEROUS FOR SURE!!!!!

Oh my gosh!
Written by Tara on 21st May 2010

This smells like madeleines to me, or citrus butter cake! Lots of sugar and salty butter, and a tad of woods mmmm! Just wished it lasted a little longer on my skin.

Written by Dawn on 1st May 2010

It is like sexy sugar cookies! The citrus notes burn off quickly and woodsy bottom notes deepen it up just enough to make it interesting and unique.

Written by Su-Ling on 4th Jan 2010

I love this perfume! It smells like sugar cookies...but not too foody..really sexy!