Black Amber No.2

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Ol’ Rudy’s Dark and Sensual Black Amber returns with the addition of sparkling primal notes from around the world.

Glass roll on bottle in a magical lookin' pouch.
Packaging all handmade and subject to change - Ol' Rudy likes to make cool shit.

Dark and sensual like her sister scent Black Amber, but with additional bright clean notes. A great unisex scent that can be worn alone or combined with another Carnival Wax perfume.


Please note: order processing time is 7 to 10 business days - all Carnival Wax products are made to order and hand poured by the Perfume Witch herself.

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 31 ratings)
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Love love love
Written by julie vogel on 19th Oct 2022

Black Amber #2 is me! It has been my signature scent for years. Nothing can replace it. People stop me I and ask what I am wearing! I can’t imagine my life or being without it. Magic in a bottle.

Black Amber
Written by Melody Peterson on 23rd Sep 2022

This is my favorite perfume of all time . So sensual and intoxicating .

Written by Amelia Sanchez on 31st Aug 2022

Black Amber 2 is addictive I can’t be without it.

Written by Tracy Hartman on 26th May 2022

Love this scent! Tote me!

My secret sauce
Written by Heather Hillmeyer Newsom on 19th Dec 2021

I love this calming and seductive scent. I have worn many of the different scents throughout the years, but this one is my main staple. I wear other scents depending on the season, or the weather or my mood. Black Amber #2 is divine .

Black Amber No.2
Written by Misty on 27th Mar 2021

I love it!! Non stop compliments when I wear it.. I am in love with all of the different scents I have tried.

My favorite scent!
Written by Amber on 18th Jan 2021

An amazing darker scent! I can smell this even after showering with scented body wash, so even though it's pricey it's definitely quality! I first came across the original Black Amber almost 10 years ago and fell in love with it, and these are still my favorites. Unlike other oil perfumes, these don't seem to need much 'rest' before use, if any.

Black Amber No.2
Written by Melissa Jane Griggs on 16th Oct 2020

Excellent. This scent is so earthy. I've tried so many but keep coming back to this one. From the time in our it in until it burns off it smells lovely, sexy.

Black Amber #2
Written by Debra L Welan on 18th Aug 2020

I love, love, love these oils. People tell me how wonderful I smell all the time!!!! it's all I wear since I first discovered them.

Black Amber No. 2
Written by Deb on 1st Jul 2020

This is my ride or die. I can't live without it and the best part is that it lasts and lasts on the skin. LOVE this. Sometimes I layer with 1965 but mostly I wear it on its own and it ROCKS. People ask me what I'm wearing. Sometimes I don't tell them. ;)

Black amber no.2
Written by Adrienne on 15th Jun 2020

Smells absolutely mysteriously divine. I get so many compliments on this sent. This is my favorite!

Black Amber No. 2
Written by Andi on 25th May 2020

I’ve been using this for many years now. I love it and nothing else comes close in comparison.

Black amber no 2
Written by Debra welan on 20th Apr 2019

I met a woman on a recent cruise, and could not stop smelling her. Tara told me about carnival wax and I ordered it right away! Love love my ew scent!

Black Amber no 2
Written by Sherry Kenney on 4th Sep 2018

This is an addictive scent. There's no other way to say it. It's beyond sexy, beyond anything. It is perfection.

My Husband's favorite cologne of all time!
Written by Patricia DeRonde on 27th Jun 2018

Unmistakable fragrance whenever he wears it. I could pick him out easily when he's close by and not because it's overwhelming--it's just that amazing!

Written by emily on 16th Jan 2018

This scent is like NOTHING else I’ve ever smelled. It’s for those who love amber, but there is another note reminiscent of black current that gives it both a woodsy and fruity appeal. It lasts all day, way longer than any other oil I’ve ever purchased. I get compliments on this everywhere I go.

The scent is amazing
Written by undefined on 14th Oct 2016

I have been wearing Black Amber 2 for awhile now. It's unique, it's wonderful. I always get asked everywhere I go (and that is not an exaggeration) about what the scent is and how intoxicating it is. I couldn't even begin to explain just what makes it what it is - it's that good.

syrupy and spicy!
Written by sticky vicky on 25th Aug 2016

my initial impression of black amber no. 2 was very musky and clean (reminded me of my grandfather's cologne), but as the scent settles on my skin, it becomes this deliciously syrupy, sweet yet spicy fragrance that i can't get enough of. absolutely in LOVE with this scent.

My smell!
Written by undefined on 14th Dec 2015

This is the perfume I have been searching for all my life. The smell that is home and everything you've experienced in your life rolled into one nostalgic, perfect, wonderous scent. The search is over.

Written by S. Jong on 6th Aug 2015

This one is a very mysterious one. It is not exactly clear what the exact notes are at first sniff. It is heavy and suits both men and women. Men could wear this as a fragrance on its own and for women this deep scent can be combined perfectly with almost any other perfume around here. Don't expect the sweet animalic powdery amber smell but expect the deep, heavy, dark, forever staying, leatherlike amber. Beautiful!!!

Black Amber
Written by Esther on 24th Jul 2015

As all the other buyers I would like to say that this Amber smells delicious. Everyone wants to know what it is. Yet, someone really has to help me out. The scent starts out as leather but changes into, into, into.... I cannot describe the notes. Very curious whether or not there is a customer who is able to give the proper description. Might be very useful for potential buyers as there are Loads of amber fragrances. Is it sweet? Is it soft? Is it spicy? Can anyone tell?

stonf at first with amber: pochtrolli type tones. MELLOWS to a warm spice
Written by evil lighting on 12th Apr 2015

I love all of these scents ! From Drebilly to Stormtrouper , now Black Amber 2 . I get compliments on all of these UNIQUELY different scents

Best scent ever
Written by Christina on 14th Nov 2014

Ever since I got the sample of Black Amber no.2, I've has compliments and inquiries as to what I was wearing. Men especially seem to love it! It starts off almost smelling like an old leather jacket, but it changes subtly, and it lasts forever.

Written by Sasha on 2nd May 2014

This was a gift for my Mom and she adores it. Just like all the other scents I have experienced from Carnival Wax (which are only 3), it is quite intoxicating.

Written by Carol Holton on 3rd Jul 2013

I was introduced to this scent by always loving how my fellow yogi Diva smelled. She always wore this beautiful intoxicating scent. Now it's me who gets the same reaction from others. Love it! I'm a fan for life! :)

Heaven in a bottle!
Written by Colleen on 10th Dec 2012

Just bought my first bottle, and I am swooning over this scent. It's dark and complex, yet still clean. Incredible sillage. I've only worn it for a week, and have received compliments on it each day. It lasts so well that I still smell delicious the next morning. This will be my forever frangance!!

Written by Colleen on 3rd Dec 2012

A while back I ordered samples of Black Amber, The Reverend, and Black Amber No. 2. I loved them all, but Black Amber No. 2 really made an impression. I finally purchased a bottle, and am thrilled with my purchase. No.2 is deep with dark amber, combined with other spices, and yet it also smells clean. It is a very, very sexy scent. It stays on forever. I can still smell it when I wake up in the morning. I have received tons of compliments on it, and think I may have finally found "my" fragrance. Excellent customer service, and the packaging is out of this world! Love, love love Carnival Wax, and I will be back for more!

Simply the best!
Written by Venice Queen on 14th Aug 2012

Oh my gosh! Receiving this was as exciting as getting engaged! The packaging was exquisite and I seriously had to force myself to slow down opening it...The box! The pouch with leather ties! The perfume! I have died and gone to heaven. Thank you Carnival Wax for your attention to detail, fine quality and unsurpassable service. Long live Ol'Rudy!

Love, love, love
Written by Marina on 10th Feb 2012

It was a tough choice between Black Amber and Black Amber #2, but I went with number 2 because I thought it was a little more complex. I am a Bond, Bulgari, unisex perfume type of gal, and I think this is one of the most wonderful scents I've experienced in a long time. I feel sexy and cool wearing it. For you gift givers out there - the packaging is fabulous - but wouldn't expect anything less given how creative the website is.

Written by Brita on 20th Jan 2012

My gosh. I just love this perfume. It has become my "signature" scent and I own a lot of high quality, lovely parfums and parfum oils (bespoke, too). I immediately fell in love with this one. It is so warm, earthy, mysterious, seductive. It's just so sexy and makes me feel really sexy. Everyone compliments me when I wear it. It's just so lovely. It is probably favorite scent, but there are close seconds (The Reverend, Sugar Witch, Druglord, Deathtrap, and a few others).

Written by Tamara on 6th Apr 2011

If you've never tried any of these fragrances this is the best to start with. People stop you on the street to ask what you are wearing. i mix it with Jack of Aces to give it a twist. i am addicted for life!