About Agatha Blois

Agatha Blois in her lairPerfume witch and degenerate fashion designer

The Leather Queen and High Priestess of Rock and Roll fashion

Agatha is all things Rock and Roll. Slipping or shimmying into something she has created takes you to another place and another time. It puts you on stage in front of a ravenous crowd, backstage among the dirty denizens of a world that only existed in teenage fever dreams. She has created fashions for anyone who is, was or who needed to look rock and roll real. Enjoy the stroll down the filthy streets and glittering stages and remember the Gypsy Queen whole rules this land.
Carnival Wax is Agatha’s other realm she shares with us, where she resides in her glory as Master Perfume Witch creating scents that evoke, or more often than not, create the ethereal aromas and intoxicating perfumes that will transport you to places only dreamed of...but will leave you wrecked and abandoned, trying to return to them over and over again.