Info & Return Policy

***Please note that all orders will ship between 7 to 10 business days - all Carnival Wax products are made to order and hand poured***

Return Policy

Carnival Wax does not issue any refunds or exchanges.

International Orders

Unfortunately we can no longer ship outside of the United States.

Ol' Rudy's Candle Burning Tips

  1. Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch. Remove debris from wick before each lighting (black sooty looking cauliflower)
  2. When burning your candle make sure to keep it lit until the melt pool reaches the sides of the glass. This will insure you don't get a "hole" down the middle.
  3. Even though the candle is contained in glass, do not leave your candle unattended (shit happens, you already know that!).
  4. If you like, use the candle lid as a mini pedestal. This looks great and will also protect the surface on which the candle is placed.
  5. Enjoy your candle as much as you like - not just for company!!

Safe Use of Oils and Products

The safe use of natural essences, essential oils, and fragrance oils is the sole responsibility of the user. Carnival Wax assumes no responsibility or liability for any conditions or allergic reactions that may arise from the direct or indirect use of any Carnival Wax product. Natural ingredients may result in slight batch variations.

Wholesale Inquiries

Please contact for inquiries about carrying Carnival Wax products in your store.