“This Stormtrooper is pure sex in a bottle. I wear it daily and can’t tell you how many times I have been stopped and asked “ what is that amazing perfume your wearing”!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha. I almost want to keep it to myself but needless to say everyone I know is wearing it or one of the many other exquisite fragrances you have created! Bravo lady! Bravo!!!!!!!”

— Kim Bridges

“I use Black Amber, Red Dragon and now Clowncake...I thought I would get compliments on Black Amber & Red Dragon (which I did - alot)...But since wearing Clowncake, both MEN and women tell me how good I smell — like all the time. So, I would INDEED suggest this scent to all.”

— Rebecca

“Pearl smells like a warm, sexy, beachy, breezy, summer night. It’s definitely the signature scent I have been looking for. I wasn’t sure if I’d like Sugarwitch, Clowncake, or Pearl the most, so I ordered a sample of each. Pearl was the one. No question.”

— Raquel

“My GF turned me on to Stormtrooper, now we both wear it. I love the voluptuousness of this fragrance. The leather, the steel and the smokiness really are perfect. And... it really gets her going ;) Nuff said. Buy it, try it and enjoy the ride!”

— Gene

“Wow bought the gypsy oil and I have never been asked so many times what I was wearing. It is intoxicating. You will not be disappointed!”

— Cheryl

“So far Jack of Aces is my absolute favorite! Its woodsy, creamy, vanilla musk to me. Its not overpowering but a strong enough scent. Great staying power, I can see myself wearing this on a regular basis. Its not cloying sweet and has a crisp quality to it.”

— Tara

“Every guy should smell like “Filthy Scumbag” and every girl should want to have a little of it mixed in with the more sweet perfumes to deepen them up and give them an edge. I love it it smell so sexy and real. I so want to be there when you extract that Barroom brawl essence !!”

— Darren

“LOVE IT! so earthy and real it is amazing mixed with DeathTrap to give an even more earthy dirty vibe.... I love being a Dirty Rabbit!”

— Eric

“I love all of these scents ! From Drebilly to Stormtrooper , now Black Amber #2. I get compliments on all of these UNIQUELY different scents”

— Evil Lighting

“Just bought my first bottle of Amber #2, and I am swooning over this scent. It’s dark and complex, yet still clean. I’ve only worn it for a week, and have received compliments on it each day. It lasts so well that I still smell delicious the next morning. This will be my forever fragrance!!”

— Colleen