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In this sample pack you may choose 3 Tier A scents

1 ml sample bottles

To accommodate the variation in rarity of ingredients, this sample pack is offered as 3 samples for $27.00. Please order The 2 Sample Pack for any scents not listed here.

Please Note: You must choose DIFFERENT scents. Duplicates are not allowed and will be substituted at Ol' Rudy's discretion.

Packaging all handmade and subject to change - Ol' Rudy likes to make cool shit.


Please note: order processing time is 7 to 10 business days - all Carnival Wax products are made to order and hand poured by the Perfume Witch herself.

Product Reviews

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Amazinggg oils!
Written by tatianad on 24th Oct 2022

I got a 3-sample-pack in Black Amber, Black Amber #2, and Sugar Witch!! I adore these oils, they are so exquisite and potent. Sugarwitch is buttery smoky cookies. My favorite was the Black Amber No. 2! I will order a larger roll-on bottle asap! It smells like the original Black Amber scent mixed with Mugler Alien...So DIVINE. Thank you, Agatha!

Carnival Wax Perfume Oil
Written by Rexx Jamison on 21st Sep 2022

Carnival Wax Perfume Oil is some of the best smelling Perfume Oil available on the market around the world

Review of Sample 3 pack
Written by Eva on 27th Aug 2022

I LIVE for these scents…. Dubois is my new favorite & I get soooo many compliments any time I wear it. It’s a head turner & a nose pleaser. Red Amber #2 has always been my staple. I love the size of the samples because you can fit them in your cocktail purse or makeup bag on the go & a dab goes a long way ! Xo E*K

Written by Teuila on 30th Jun 2022

I got a sample pack to try out to see which one I want to buy for the big one. I absolutely love pearl and black amber!! These scents are so amazing and when you mix it’s great because you can make your own signature scent!

Black amber / warrior 65
Written by Mariann Salvato on 24th May 2022

I could not live without either of these scents ! There isn’t a day I don’t get a compliment on how I smell. There is no product out there that compares . Thank You Agatha for making the best most kick ass perfume oils on the planet !

Black amber / warrior 65
Written by Mariann Salvato on 3rd May 2022

I have been using both black amber and warrior 65 for years. I would never dare use anything else. I get so many compliments and it is truly a one of a kind unique euphoric scent that lingers all day. There is nothing like this product ! It’s the best!

Sugar Witch is what I wear....
Written by Alandra Love on 15th Mar 2022

Funny I'm writing my review of my purchase of "Sugar Witch" 3pk samples.... Ladies at the braid salon complimented on the fragrance!!! The tiny sample lit the place as I dabbed 0nly a couple of the oily drops! I gave the sample to my Awesome Stylist

Sugar Witch is what I wear....
Written by Alandra Love on 15th Mar 2022

Funny I'm writing my review of my purchase of "Sugar Witch" 3pk samples.... Ladies at the braid salon complimented on the fragrance!!! The tiny sample lit the place as I dabbed 0nly a couple of the oily drops! I gave the sample to my Awesome Stylist

Black amber / warrior 65
Written by Mariann Salvato on 23rd Jul 2021

I have been mixing these two scents for years. They last forever and I get so many compliments everyday . I wouldn’t dare wear anything else! Carnival Wax is the best!

Three pack
Written by Tara Davila on 19th Apr 2021

These scents were divine. They are everything in was looking for. Very unique!

Written by Jauni Badger on 16th Mar 2021

LOVE LOVE LOVE every fragrance I have ever gotten. Hands down the best fragrance available. Every scent spells out the labor of love that went in to its design. Incredible.

Warrior 65
Written by Mariann Salvato on 30th Jul 2020

This mixed with The Black Amber has been my scent for many years. I get compliments non stop on it. I refuse to use any other perfume besides Carnival Wax! Thanks Agatha !

Written by Michael on 29th Jun 2020


3 sample
Written by Alison on 10th Jun 2020

Loved it. Just came in 3 days ago! I got black amber, drug lord, and sugar witch. So far have only worn the drug lord and got tons of compliments!

Deliciously haunting smells
Written by Sammantha Kouba on 13th Nov 2019

I was lucky enough to snag a few different samples including Sugarwitch, Black Amber, Black Amber No. 2, Clowncake, Nadramia, and 1971. Every last one has a unique, but equally fascinating set of notes with it. I haven't tried yet to layer them, but plan to. My favorites thus far are Black Amber No. 2 and Sugarwitch. Never are overpowering, but both have a fantastically specific smell. Lastly, Ol' Rudy sure does know how to present and package the goods. I will be ordering some full size rollerballs asap.

3 sample pack
Written by Bren on 5th Sep 2019

They all smell divine, I don’t know which one I like better!

best smells ever!
Written by on 10th May 2018

the captains eye—smells like leather and incense. I wasn’t sure if it was for me at first. But the more you wear the scent, the more it grows on you. The perfumes seem to mix with your personal chemistry to produce something that seems homey and natural for the wearer. I even liked drug lord. I’m not normally a fan of vanilla, but after a few hours of wear, it worked for me.

Rock n' roll sex
Written by Andy on 19th Oct 2017

I got a sample of Black Amber, Sugar Witch and Clowncake. The Black Amber is very heavy with patchouli at first but once it settles on the skin it becomes a very addictive scent! I keep smelling my wrists where I applied it! Clown cake smells very sweet and boozy at first but when you wear it, it becomes a very soft vanilla cake smell! It literally makes me hungry for sweets! It's so good! Sugar witch is very citrus at first then it settles on the skin with a sugar cookie smell! I like to layer the Black Amber with either the Sugar Witch or the Clowncake to make a deeper scent. I think any of these can be used on men and women! They're very unique and addictive I highly recommend them all!

Written by on 1st May 2017

Can not be happier enough with the sample pack purchased. The scents are subtle, sexy, evocative , sensual. Hard to pick a favorites. Will be purchasing again & again!

Best Fragrances
Written by Teri Vera on 14th Mar 2017

Ordered 5 new fragrances, immediately want more! I'm still savoring some I've ordered years past, but each is so exciting - from Du Bois which is woodsy with a bit of tobacco, to Gypsy - an incense with a sweet shot coming down - they are all fantastic. Can't wait to order some more!

most awesome perfume ever
Written by melissa jennings on 12th Oct 2016

I love this perfume and have recommended it to all my closest friends!

Amazing fragrance
Written by Amy on 27th Apr 2016

I recently purchased 6 different samples and I absolutely LOVE each and every one of them. It is making my decision very difficult to narrow it down to one or two items. The oil stays all day plus and the scents are just captivating!!!

a unique flare
Written by MM on 8th Apr 2016

Here is my review: product is amazing. I can't wait to add more scents and see which ones fit perfectly together for my body type. My fiance liked them as well. My only complaint is that it took like 2 1/2 weeks to receive? Since I am also in LA area it made no sense. But the scents are divine. Hopefully the shipping will improve.

Here's your chance!
Written by J on 30th Sep 2015

The 3 pack is a perfect way to try out a few scents for an extremely reasonable price. Shoot, try them all!

Written by Marilyn Mansfield on 24th Sep 2015

Wonderful scents, fast shipping as always!

The Only Perfume that Matters
Written by mariann on 6th Jun 2015

I always purchase the Black Amber and the Warrior 65 scents. I can review these products forever ! Amazing!!!!!

Written by Nikki on 31st Mar 2015

This is actually my fourth sample pack. Dark Amber, Dark Amber 2 and Warrior 65 are by far the most seductive scents. Carnival Wax stands alone. Collectively, all the other scents available in the marketplace can be grouped together. Once you have experienced these perfume oils, you will never go back.

love the sample packs! the only way to experiance perfume thru internet !
Written by undefined on 25th Nov 2014

I'm Pleather , I love all of these unique scents . The Druglord was one of my most favorites Drugloard 2 is a revamp of the fragrance with a little more of a woodsy bottom . I love it !

Written by undefined on 11th Nov 2014

Perfect for sampling bewitching scents!

I am hooked on Carnival Wax
Written by john on 8th Oct 2014

Got introduced to Deathtrap when I was in the store Trash on St Marks NYC and jimmy was wearing it, he told me the name and I immediately when home and looked up carnival Wax online, Dope website, I now buy black Amber , green dragon, death trap , Dubois and warrior. I also just got a candle .. I would love to meet up with Agatha when I visit LA.

I am in love!
Written by undefined on 10th Sep 2014

I am absolutely in love with everything I purchase from here! The scent lasts all day and never lose their strength.

Written by undefined on 13th Jul 2014

Products have unique smell, last long, have charming "aftertaste".

Alluring and Mystical
Written by tv1205 on 21st Apr 2014

I ordered Nadramia, Dreabilly, and the Reverend. They become more special with each use. Dreabilly is sweet but not heavy. Nadramia cannot be compared to anything - it has an earthy, powerful catch that's all by itself - stand alone. Reverend reminds of arms full of gold bracelets - and someone mentioned that feeling of being taken advantage of under the rollercoaster - yeah, that too.

good service
Written by 32653889 on 13th Feb 2014

My package came very quickly in a cute lil package. I've ordered the 3 pk sample and the 2 pk. Drug Lord 2, Gypsy, Pearl and Red Dragon are my favorites so far. I will order again to try the ones I haven't tried

Written by Heidi on 7th Feb 2014

Well...I have to give credit to Elizabeth Cook for putting me on to this but I spent many, many years in NYC eeking out cool products...I love oils and the descriptions for the samples...lived up to my expectations! The packaging definitely is the coolest I have seen and I am eager to try more as I want to see what works well with my chemistry!

Written by Debbie on 21st Nov 2013

Well I have tried nine samples so far and my two favorites have to be FUNHOUSE and DEVILS RECIPE. These are amazing scents and i will definitely buy them in the full sizes. Just wish they were a little less expensive.

Exceptional Scents
Written by Rachel Autumn Johnson on 30th Aug 2013

Carnival Wax does not let down! After sharing one of my perfume wares by Ol' Rudy, I had to find the perfect one for my friend. Ordered the sample pack...all scents were a hit! Arrived in good time & with great packaging. No need to wrap the gift. Tx Ol' Rudy!

Pirate's Dream is the new Get Lucky............
Written by undefined on 12th Feb 2013

All the bad boy smells the nice girls(and guys apparently)love! A wonderful,intoxicating, and wholly original fragrance that is at once lusty and luxurious but also quite thoughtful and profound its own way.

Exotic and Lovely
Written by Monique on 8th Feb 2013

Each fragrance is completely different yet utterly enchanting. I am someone who wants people to say "something smells good" when I am nearby - and these all fit that bill. The sample packs are excellent because it will give me a chance to decide which full bottles I want to buy next time around.

Great scents and great deal!
Written by Ophilea on 4th Feb 2013

Since there is not a physical location I can go into and smell/ sample the oils, this is the way to go. 0.5ml is a pretty fair amount of oil since you don't need much- the scents are strong and you can make them last. This time I got Black Amber and that is my go to. Smells very true to the description and lingers on skin and clothing for hours. People seem to enjoy me when I wear it! Also got Nadramia, which is described as fine pale amber, rock rose, and frankincense. Not familiar with those smells individually, but can image it is true to thought. Not as crazy on it when wearing alone, but it mixes well. Finally, grabbed the new scent of Devils Recipe. The peppermint and musk are the strongest of scents. Don't think it will become my signature scent, but I will most certainly keep it in my collection. Overall, great way to try the scents and have small vials for travel!

Written by momkath on 3rd Nov 2012

At a family event, I asked my sister what the name was of the delicious-smelling fragrance she wore, and where she had gotten it from. As soon as I could I ordered a 3-pack sample of Black Amber, Black Amber 2, and DuBois... She had been wearing Black Amber - it actually made my mouth water! - Now that I have them, I can't decide which I love most.

Written by undefined on 6th Oct 2012

This is my second round of the sample packs. I love having the option to try them in small doses before buying a large amount. So far my friends and family love black amber and black amber No 2 on me. The scent is completely different which was a nice surprise. Both make me feel sexy and sultry. I seem to get complemented often when I wear either of these. Thank you carnival wax!

Alluring Scents!
Written by undefined on 12th Sep 2012

The best way to choose your new scent! I doubt I will ever order perfume from anywhere else. They are alluring!

Written by H.D. on 28th Jul 2012

Great samples, great packaging. Very unique.

sugar witch
Written by undefined on 21st Jun 2012

love love love Sugar Witch... If I can drink it I would. It's yummy like cookies and cupcakes.. I would love a body cream in the scent. Good Job :)))

Amazing products, amazing customer service!
Written by Venice Queen on 6th Jun 2012

First, you should know that the customer service for this company is top-notch. I experienced 2 complete flukes (Aarg! Post office!)and Carnival Wax was quick and trustful to respond which won me over! Ok, so Black Amber, Black Amber 2 (oh, yes!) and Pearl all invoke excitement out of me. These are naughty personified. Dirty, sexy and mysterious. I love walking past people because I know that I have their attention and they are confused about what they feel by my scent. I love that.

Written by Kisty on 28th Apr 2012

Normally when you order perfume samples, you get boring little vials that are half-filled. These perfume samples come in a really impressive package with cool papers noting what they are.

Written by Hannah on 4th Jun 2011

The sample pack is a great way to test out various perfume oils if you are not sure which one you will like. I picked Stormtrooper,Funhouse and Sugarwitch and love all 3!! Just need to decide which to buy first! Excellent product and I received my order in the uk within a week! Top Marks!

The Best of it all!
Written by Happy on 29th Aug 2010

The Best thing about the Samples is if your not sure which one your going to love or just simply you can't make up your mind, you can pick 3 for $15 and they last for such a long time