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In this sample pack you may choose 2 Tier B scents, which are our perfumes that are priced according to the rarity of their ingredients.

1 ml sample bottles

Please order The 3 Sample Pack for any scents not listed here.

Please Note: You must choose DIFFERENT scents. Duplicates are not allowed and will be substituted at Ol' Rudy's discretion.

Packaging all handmade and subject to change - Ol' Rudy likes to make cool shit.


Please note: order processing time is 7 to 10 business days - all Carnival Wax products are made to order and hand poured by the Perfume Witch herself.

Product Reviews

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amazing perfume, atrocious communication
Written by Jaime D Torraco on 18th Feb 2021

I ordered a full size perfume from this site (Filthy Scumbag...absolutely incredible scent) in DECEMBER after trying it out in a sample pack. It took a few weeks to arrive, and when I finally opened my package, I found the wrong item to be inside. I sent multiple emails only to wait weeks for a reply, trying to obtain the correct item. Finally, (in February now...) said they would send the correct item, but now it has been 2 weeks since that message, and I have yet to receive a tracking number or my Filthy Scumbag perfume. So yes. Buy this. But God help you if you have a problem with it.. .

the 2 sample pack
Written by Jimmy Rockaway on 24th Jun 2020

Death Trap smells fascinating but it doesn't feel like the right scent to come wafting off me. Definitely for somebody else though. Filthy Scumbag has the feel of a spaghetti western. I would choose to add a little more leather but .....still, very cool stuff.

sample pack
Written by rick on 16th Sep 2018

Filthy Scumbag and Dirty Rabbit have moved to the top of my favorites list. Unique scents and very long-lasting.

2 sample pack
Written by rich s. on 4th Sep 2018

Great scents....very different from the usual...compliments on both Scumbag and Rabbit...

a little too pattchili for me
Written by on 30th Dec 2015

Nice size sample Just not my style.

obsessed !!!!!
Written by Gigi DeLuna on 20th Nov 2015

I love the ambiguity of this scent and the different layers you smell as the day progresses and it very slowly wears off. I've received numerous compliments from both men and women.

Written by Marilyn Mansfield on 24th Sep 2015

I got the Jack of Aces for myself and the Filthy Scumbag for my hubby and we both love them!!

amazing ...
Written by stephanie kenp on 20th May 2014

I absolutely love the sample packs! This way you can have an abundance of these ridiculous smelling scents!! I get major compliments very time I am wearing her oils!!! I have been using then for about 4 years now and will be a fan for life!

receiving lots of compliments on fragrances
Written by undefined on 23rd Jan 2014

I really like all the fragrances that I have tried----only problem I have is I received the wrong fragrance the last time----really want to try Gypsy before buying it in a regular size-----people are very interested in what I am wearing-very unique fragrances --so glad Elizabeth Cook suggested your oils------

Best thing ever!
Written by Ophilea on 4th Feb 2013

The sample packs are great when you want to try the new scents without a serious commitment of a bigger bottle. This time my curiosity was caught by the Collection 1365. Green Dragon is made of roots, wood, earthy, crushed seashells, amber and tea. Top notes are really earthy (the roots and wood) and the base notes are the amber and tea. My alter ego of a nature loving hippie enjoys this, but my boyfriend that is drawn to modern anything is not sold. Also grabbed Jack of Aces and think this might be love. It is described as vanilla cream, white amber, and eagleswood. It is softer than most of the scents here, like Reverend, but in a really good and familiar way. The combination is just magical! While writing this review I keep smelling it so I can describe it, and concluded that maybe I'm just a fat kid that enjoys the smell of vanilla cream. Whatever the reason, think I will be purchasing a big bottle of this soon!

Filthy Scumbag
Written by undefined on 12th Sep 2012

Dirty Rabbit or Filthy Scumbag? Both I chose are such fabulous scents! The best is when someone asks me what I wear, and I reply " Filthy Scumbag!" I just love it!