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Pack of 20 perfume scented incense sticks, each pack meticulously wrapped and decorated at the whim of Ol' Rudy...

4 scents varieties available: Black Amber, Du Bois, Broomewitch, and a special blend of Red Dragon & Carnival Queen. Note descriptions below.

Black Amber - Ol’ Rudy’s treasured proprietary Amber Elixer, Heavily Laced with Dark and Sensual Antiqued Patchouli

Du Bois - Conjures the Essence of French perfumes as they haunt the wardrobes of fallen Aristocracy. Furs, Cashmere and Carved wood.

Broomewitch - Champaka Flower incense with notes of leather and earthy wood.

Red Dragon - Incense  and Golden Amber will surround and  evoke images of  the far east and the far out! A warm exotic musky fragrance mingled with heavy oriental notes.

Carnival Queen - Roasted pumpkin seeds and spiced precious woods from the East, warmed in sweet amber vanilla cream.


Approximate burn time per stick 1 hour. Please use common sense precautions as with any burning item. Packaging all handmade and subject to change - Ol' Rudy likes to make cool shit.


Please note: order processing time is 7 to 10 business days - all Carnival Wax products are made to order and hand poured by the Perfume Witch herself.

Product Reviews

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Written by Laura on 29th Jul 2022

The incenses sticks do not burn for one hour…. More like 10 to 20 minutes This is definitely false advertising

Written by Joey Barker on 20th Jun 2022

The Black Amber is my favorite, love it to death!!

Best incense EVER!
Written by Gloria on 29th Apr 2022

I bought Du Blois and Read Dragon & Carnival Queen.... I just can´t choose just one!! Both are GORGEOUS, so unique and special. They are different and better than other incenses. Thanks again for these as I´m such an incense lover <3

Best incense I’ve ever purchased
Written by Andy Parker on 10th Mar 2022

I’ve grown such a strong love for Carnival Wax scents and I was thrilled to find out Agatha was making incense available. I purchased Du Bois and the Red Dragon/ Carnival Queen blend and they were worth every penny. In addition to the wonderful smells of familiar Carnival Wax scents the burn time per stick is roughly an hour. Not all incense burn the same and these burn perfectly and fill the space with that intoxicating smell. My personal favorite is Du Bois…spend the money your home will thank you! I’m and Ol’ Rudy fan for life

red dragon
Written by lisa austin on 1st Mar 2022

this scent has me snifffing my wrist all. day!! i love when folks ask what i have on … red dragon is full of woods and leather …

Perfume incense sticks
Written by Adan on 1st Mar 2022

The incense permeates my home with the amazing scents that I come to expect from Agatha and Carnival Wax. They are a wonderful addition to my candles and perfume oil.

Black Amber Incense Sticks
Written by Angela Fox on 27th Feb 2022

So beautifully rich and intense, my other incense can’t compare. Evocative of another place and time, decadent and luxurious.