Red Dragon Perfume Oil

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Incense  and Golden Amber will surround and  evoke images of  the far east and the far out! A warm exotic musky fragrance mingled with heavy oriental notes.

Glass roll on bottle in a magical lookin' pouch.
Packaging all handmade and subject to change - Ol' Rudy likes to make cool shit.

Inscrutable and exotic Dragon ladies and imperious masters. Opium incense and the scent of concubines drown in lotus ponds. A beautiful trip chasing the Dragon through an ancient and arcane market of illicit rarities.


Please note: order processing time is 7 to 10 business days - all Carnival Wax products are made to order and hand poured by the Perfume Witch herself.

Product Reviews

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Written by Maude on 6th Aug 2015

This one is very suitable if you want to wear out "classy, sophisticated, special and mysterious". Lends itself perfectly for layering with other Carnival scents. You can choose to make it sweeter by adding a bit of Clowncake or Pearl but you can also make it heavier by adding a bit of Amber.

Broken Record
Written by Rebecca G on 28th Jun 2014

I've submitted a review for the Red Dragon perfume in the past. But just want to re-iterate how much the scent rocks! If me purchasing my 3rd bottle of the 10mL size, doesn't say I love this, I don't know what else will. This has got to be my most favorite Carnival Wax product. Y'all have to try this.

Written by cheryl on 7th Jan 2014

Red Dragon is so sensual, it's heavy incense and exotic smells that leaves people trying to get closer to you to figure out what you are wearing. I feel sexy and mysterious when wearing this oil.

Written by Rebecca G. on 30th Apr 2012

Reading all the other reviews on the other perfumes -- all say that people are asking what they are wearing. This is true of Red Dragon too. I love this scent...I always try to wear a different scent every day (lotion, body oil, etc) but since I've gotten this, I wear it 24-7. Thank you for putting out a wonderful product. I love the packaging too.

Written by undefined on 7th Jul 2011

I am seriously particular when it comes to scents. This is the most intoxicating, sexiest oil/perfume I have ever had the pleasure of wearing!!

Written by undefined on 19th Jun 2010

Sexiest Perfume Ever.

like an Opium Den in a headshop in the 70's
Written by undefined on 31st May 2010

I love this perfume it is warm and exotic and reminds me of all those amazing times I had hanging around the Oriental Headshop in my town. Incense notes with a rich musk that makes you feel relaxed and sexy at the same time. There is a mysterious quality to it as well and you will find yourself coming back to it and catching whiffs of the fragrance inviting you to distant memories. I LOVE it!