Pearl Perfume Oil

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Wood Notes, White Coconut Musk, and Creamy Vanilla.

Glass roll on bottle in a magical lookin' pouch.
Packaging all handmade and subject to change - Ol' Rudy likes to make cool shit.


Please note: order processing time is 7 to 10 business days - all Carnival Wax products are made to order and hand poured by the Perfume Witch herself.

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Written by Melissa on 11th Apr 2021

Such a warm, wonderful scent without smelling like food. It isn't too sweet, but just enough; without wild fluctuations in the scent before it burns off. This is really one of my favorites.

Written by Christina Marie Cosola on 3rd Apr 2019


Written by Valerie Yvonne on 11th Sep 2018

I purchased this after trying the Strange. Wonderous sample pack, it's my absolute favorite. Light and sweet, yet totally intoxicating, I love it

More than perfumes
Written by MaudeScent on 9th Aug 2015

For all these fragrances goes: These are more than perfumes only. The non-chemical smell that characterizes regular perfumes, is completely gone! Which seems kind of logic, considering the pact that these are oils. But not just simple oils. These are high end, sophisticated perfumes that can characterise their wearers as outstanding and chique. For Dutch readers: Deze geuren zijn veel meer dan een simpel parfum. The chemisch alcoholische lucht die zo typerend is voor reguliere geuren is hier niet in te herkennen. Ergens logisch omdat het oliën betreft. Toch zijn het niet zomaar oliën. Het gaat hier om high-end geuren die hun dragers typeren als gedistingeerd en chique.

such an interesting contradiction
Written by Jodi on 20th Feb 2015

Pearl is a beautiful, soft, muted scent. I smell a lot of coconut which I like. For me, it evokes daydreams of summer vacation on an island. Both the name and scent are so feminine and gentle that they seem to "clash" with the super cool packaging and edgy company image. Pearl is like a newborn baby, in a black onesie. Unexpected.

Exclusive and elegant
Written by undefined on 8th Oct 2014

Expensive is just a word. Ninety dollars for a 10 ml bottle seems a lot of money. Seems!! These bottles are worth every cent. The longevity of these fragrances is enormous and the sillage is more than heavy.You just need so little of it at a time, a bottle (used every day) lasts for half a year. You can even make a combination of two scents. So that no one smells exactly like you. This is how I reached my signature scent. Okay, living in Holland means a lot of money spent on delivery services and taxes but that doesn't make me love these fragrances less. Pearl is a wonderful purchase. Sweet in the beginning and woodsy at the drydown.

Warm n Sexy
Written by Raquel on 16th Mar 2011

Smells like a warm, sexy, beachy, breezy, summer night.It's definitely the signature scent I have been looking for. I wasn't sure if I'd like Sugarwitch, Clowncake, or Pearl the most, so I ordered a sample of each. Pearl was the one. No question.

Pretty Good!
Written by Tara on 21st May 2010

Not my favorite but a nice scent none the less. This scent is primarily coconut. Fleshy and sweet coconut with delicious creamy vanilla, a splash of musk and a tad of woods.

Written by Dawn on 1st May 2010

This is my absolute favorite of the Carnival Wax perfumes! It is very well balanced. The musk isn't too sharp, the coconut isn't too sweet, the creamy vanilla isn't too rich, and the woody notes warm it up just right. The result is a unique and wonderful perfume that I adore wearing.

Exactly what I wanted.
Written by Amanda L. on 2nd Mar 2010

Arrived in the mail today...It's absolutely stellar, not too sweet, not too woodsy. It perfectly blends into my natural essence, if you will. The creamy vanilla lingers and envelops you into a warm comfortable blanket. As well, the packaging and and leather pouch are very appealing.