The Reverend Perfume Oil

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Ultra clean musky top notes...Seductive dark & spicy bottom notes.
"The Rock & Roll Church"

Glass roll on bottle in a magical lookin' pouch.
Packaging all handmade and subject to change - Ol' Rudy likes to make cool shit.

Clean and sharp and covering up a laundry list of sinful behavior. Trying to belie the Devil inside but alas he is always just around the corner. Smell sharp enough to cut through the fog of false modesty and an aversion to vice. Smell good when you’re being bad.

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Seduce the Reverend!
Written by Rebecca G. on 1st Sep 2012

I really think you could wearing this scent... or seduce anyone you wanted... It's my newest favorite and am going to order the jumbo size because it's THAT good..."Nifters" commented that her dog loved it too. So did my dog! This scent is intoxicating....A must for Agatha Blois fans.

Written by Nifters on 2nd Jul 2011

I wish the entire world smelled like The Reverend!!!! Why dont the make a candle?!?!?!?!?! It is the only scent that I have ever worn that is universally liked.. Everybody from my "My Man" to my mom to my dog to my helicopter driver loves this smell!!! I'm covered in it at all times... It's clean, but dirty at the same time!!!

Written by LMH on 11th Jun 2011

The most amazing almost indescribable scent. The first word that came to mind when I first smelled it was "dark" and complex. And yet it does smell clean. Love, love, love!!!

Written by Tara on 21st May 2010

A little sweet and spicy like clove and tobacco. A little booze maybe? Creamy sweetness and a maybe tad of leather swirled around in a nice crisp musk. The spicy notes remind me of Druglord but The Reverend is very different and muskier. Sexy, commanding and masculine scent.

Written by undefined on 21st Mar 2010

This makes me feel like ive been taken advantage of under the rollercoaster