Memories drift like fine incense

The Perfume Witch has added Incense to the Carnival Wax offerings. The scents available are Black Amber, Du Bois, Broomewitch, and a special blend of Red Dragon & Carnival Queen, but may vary and more may be added soon!

These are decadent and intoxicating scents chosen specifically for the home. Ol’ Rudy says Du Bois as a home scent is to die for, but we know better than to to take this sort of advice from one who is immortal. Or don’t we?

Sold as packs of 20 Perfume Scented Incense Sticks, each pack is meticulously wrapped and decorated. The design of the packaging changes at the whim of our beloved Perfume Witch.

The scents:

Black Amber - Ol’ Rudy’s treasured proprietary Amber Elixer, Heavily Laced with Dark and Sensual Antiqued Patchouli

Du Bois - Conjures the essence of French perfumes as they haunt the wardrobes of fallen Aristocracy. Furs, Cashmere and Carved wood.

Broomewitch - Champaka Flower incense with notes of leather and earthy wood.

Red Dragon - A warm exotic musky fragrance mingled with heavy oriental notes. & Carnival Queen - Roasted pumpkin seeds and spiced precious woods from the East, warmed in sweet amber vanilla cream.