Red Dragon Bubble Lid 20 oz Scented Candle


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The Bubble Lid Red Dragon Scented Candle. The same Red Dragon scent, with a newly designed, larger decorative jar with a bubble lid. Each jar decoration is unique.



Incense  and Golden Amber will surround and  evoke images of  the far east and the far out! A warm exotic musky fragrance mingled with heavy oriental notes.

Twenty ounces of generously scented soy wax fill this hand-decorated jar.
Each jar is unique.

Approximate burn time 80 hrs

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Best candle ever!!
Written by Greg Siebel on 28th Apr 2020

Carnival Wax candles are the absolute best. Every single detail is hand crafted and made to perfection. These candles smell so good that when I get a new one I take off the lid and it fills my entire house with delicious, exotic fragrances - this is before I even light it!! The labels are so cool that once it is lit and the wax burns down a little the light from inside glows through the glass making it not only smell divine but look like a treasure that was found in an old, sunken pirate ship.