The Devil's Recipe

A smokescreen for those who are Devils themselves!A wonderful elixir that mixes with the scent of brimstone and hellfire and a sinner’s skin...Camouflage for a wolf in wolves clothing. This is not to make you smell like the devil but to make a Devil smell like a Lady or Gentleman depending of whose skin you’re wearing at the time. Harlots and thieves...Rogues and Highway women...Ne’er-do-well…

Warrior 65

Like the last lost traces of a faded outlaw whose world is soaked in the earthy smoke filled cedar lining of a gun cabinet and swirled about in the heady rapture of sandalwood incense, Warrior 65 evokes the world weary air of all the antiheroes that have stood strong in the face of insurmountable odds and remained true to their own beliefs. Ol’ Rudy’s lusty sandalwood effusion is the balmy scent…

Instagram Photo Contest

Carnival Wax Clowns Instagram Photo ContestEnter by 2/14/19 11:59pm EST to win the Grand Collection Perfume Pack - a collection of 1ml bottles of every Carnival Wax perfume! Take a photo of yourself as a filthy sexy clown. Post the image on Instagram. Tag your post with #carnivalwaxclowns.Never before have we offered a pack of EVERY single Carnival Wax Perfume Oil sample! Try them all, mix the…

Our classic site has a new look!

Yes, you are at the right website! We've changed the look and hope you like it. The perfume categories are different and now have sample packs to go with each category. You may have noticed that we still have our sister site We will be consolidating very soon to just one site which has all our products.

Try on your samples!

Did you know that Carnival Wax perfumes smell a little different on each person? The oil blends with your own natural chemistry, producing a scent that is unique to you. So make sure to try on your samples, don't just smell them out of the bottle.