32 oz Scented Candle Various Scents

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Generously scented cream colored wax, with a single wick, each in a unique hand-decorated jar. Choose the scent, Ol' Rudy will choose the jar design.

Current available scents:

Black Amber: Ol’ Rudy’s treasured proprietary Amber Elixer, Heavily Laced with Dark and Sensual Antiqued Patchouli. The signature Carnival Wax scent. Warm, complex and intoxicating.

Du Bois: Conjures the Essence of French Perfumes as they haunt the wardrobes of fallen Aristocracy Furs, Cashmere and Carved wood. This incredible scent is amazing in its perfume form and out of this world as a home scent!

Crafted with care by the Perfume Witch, variations may be present as with all hand-crafted products. Each of these jars has unique decoration designs which will be chosen for you randomly.

Approximate burn time 150 hrs