20 oz Scented Candle Various Scents

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Featuring special blends of favorite Carnival Wax Perfumes. Generously scented grey or cream colored wax, with a single wick, each in a unique hand-decorated jar. Choose the scent blend, Ol' Rudy will choose the jar design.

Current available scent blends:

Sugar Da Broome: Your favorite Sugarwitch with a hint of Broomewitch

Broomewitch Da Black: Broomewitch with a hint of Black Amber

Red Dragon & Carnival Queen Blend

Crafted with care by the Perfume Witch, variations may be present as with all hand-crafted products. Each of these jars has unique decoration designs which will be chosen for you randomly.

Approximate burn time 100 hrs


Scent Notes:

Sugarwitch - Top notes of Juicy Lemons and Tangerines followed by Sweet Sugary Cookies finished with a Sexy Woodsy bottom.

Broomewitch - Champaka Flower incense with notes of leather and earthy wood.

Black Amber - Ol’ Rudy’s treasured proprietary Amber Elixer, Heavily Laced with Dark and Sensual Antiqued Patchouli

Red Dragon - Incense  and Golden Amber will surround and  evoke images of  the far east and the far out! A warm exotic musky fragrance mingled with heavy oriental notes.

Carnival Queen - Roasted pumpkin seeds and spiced precious woods from the East, warmed in sweet amber vanilla cream.