20 oz Scented Candle Various Scents

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In this special batch of 8 Limited Edition 20 oz Bubble Lid Scented Candles, each one is a unique visual, olfactory, and tactile expression of the artistry of our beloved Perfume Witch, Agatha Blois. Each one of these handcrafted beauties goes far beyond the realm of traditional scented candles and exists as a unique mixed media art piece. Agatha’s Strange & Wondrous whim is realized through original digital art combined with collage and assemblage. But don’t be afraid to go ahead and burn these candles. They come alive with the glow of the flame and will still be a treasure no matter the level of the wax.

Please scroll through the photos to view the names of each candle and make your selection before adding to cart.

Lucky - Sugarwitch scented, cream colored wax
Harlem - Black Amber scented, cream colored wax
Central Park - A scent blend of Red Dragon & Carnival Queen, cream colored wax
Crush On You - Black Amber scented, cream colored wax
Stacked - Sugarwitch scented, cream colored wax
Grace - Du Bois scented, cream colored wax
Masako - Sugarwitch scented, cream colored wax
Craigville - Black Amber scented, cream colored wax


Approximate burn time 100 hrs


Scent Notes:

Sugarwitch - Top notes of Juicy Lemons and Tangerines followed by Sweet Sugary Cookies finished with a Sexy Woodsy bottom.

Black Amber - Ol’ Rudy’s treasured proprietary Amber Elixer, Heavily Laced with Dark and Sensual Antiqued Patchouli

Du Bois - Conjures the Essence of French perfumes as they haunt the wardrobes of fallen Aristocracy. Furs, Cashmere and Carved wood.

Red Dragon - Incense  and Golden Amber will surround and  evoke images of  the far east and the far out! A warm exotic musky fragrance mingled with heavy oriental notes.

Carnival Queen - Roasted pumpkin seeds and spiced precious woods from the East, warmed in sweet amber vanilla cream.